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"Design has the power to do so much more then make things look pretty. It has the power to change the way a customer feels, it can change the way a business functions and operates- it can shape a brand and identity. If done well, it has the power to do all those things and more."

S. Voula Goutsos,

Principal, Olive E + O

What we offer

Olive's design services run the gamut for a myriad of project types, from small tenant improvements to large scale new builds. Our skillset allows us to apply intelligent space planning and creative solutions across a breadth of projects. We’ve listed the details of our core areas of practice below. Check out our projects page for a showcase of our designs.

General Design Services

Site Audit and Surveying Site visit to determine whether the location meets the clients needs from a functional and operational perspective. We analyze all aspects of the location, including the actual footprint, electrical and water provisions, structural implications and assist the client to make an informed decision prior to any commitments.

Feasibility Planning Preliminary space plan based on functional requriements to determine the feasbility of the space to meet the clients needs.

Conceptual Design Following space planning stage, this stage articulates the "look" of the space. It includes the design of finishes, details, lighting, and materials. This is presented in a design presentaion consisting of renderings, elevations, sketches and a physical material board.

Permit Application Preparing the required documentation and application forms. Amassing required drawings and stamps from Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical and Structural Engineers required for the jurisdiction having authority.

Building Code Review Performing a code review analysis to establish required egress, accessibility requirements, washroom requirements.

Project Administration Professional oversight of the construction. Including site visits, review of shop drawings, review of change orders, post occupancy deficiency report.

Permit Drawing Set Development of a complete issued for permit or construction set. Including but not limited to Site plan, Demolition plan, Construction plan, Ceiling plan, Equipment plan, Plumbing plan, Electrical plan, Finishes plan, Details and Elevations.

Additional Services

Logo and Branding A successful logo is rooted in identity. It can set you apart from your competition.

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