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Successful Design through 
Communication and


Commercial Interior Design

"A successful design is only possible with a strong team. Building trust with the client and maintaining communication at every stage with all the team players is critical in bringing a beautiful design to life."

S. Voula Goutsos,

Principal, Olive E + O

Meet  Successful design is rooted in strategy, which means that we don’t just make something pretty for the hell of it. We dive deep and (really) get to know your needs - both functional and aesthetic. So that we can develop an authentic design from the ground up. Function to form.

Plan Effective space planning necessitates careful consideration of the principles of design, the space, and the functional needs. We will use our expertise to maximize the efficiency of the footprint while meeting the functional needs. We feel in volume. 

Design  Using all the information we've gathered so far, we will develop the concept. We take a one concept approach when it comes to design, playing with a variety of directions up front and narrowing down to deliver a strong and succinct design for your company and brand. Our job is to make sure that what we’ve created aligns with what your brand brings to the table all within the framework of budget. Communication is key. 

Deliver Once everything is finalized and approved, we will complete all the necessary drawings and documents needed to successfully bring your project to fruition. 

Manage  We will work with the entire team to ensure the entire process runs smoothly. Site visits, communication with the project manager, trades, consultants, all working together to manage, problem solve and deliver a beautifully designed space. 

The Process

Meet the Team


Voula Goutsos 

B. Comm Hrs.

Masters of Interior Design



Jason Krog

B. Comm. 



Dr. Tina Alexander



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